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Attention  Prospective TestPrepNJ Students,

TestPrepNJ promotional preparation classes which were originally scheduled to begin on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 have now been placed on hold pending forthcoming changes concerning both Sgt/Lt State Corrections Exams.  Civil Service Commission (CSC) has removed both orientation guides from their website.  The issue concerns the use of the management book Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel 5th edition by Donald J. Schroeder and Frank Lombardo.

Unfortunately, the CSC has not issued either an official statement and/or update of changes to the exam material or whether the test will be delayed.  Therefore, I have elected to delay the class start date until this required information is available. Hopefully, more information will become available soon.  I will continue to update all students with information concerning future classes.  Sorry for this inconvenience, and I appreciate your patience concerning this delays.
TestPrepNJ is awaiting the important Civil Service Commission updates to their website with the changes to both the State Corrections Lieutenant's and Sergeant's Orientation Guides and testing information.

Also, please remember to order an up-to-date copy of 10A from:
Lexus Nexis Publication
NJ Administrative Code Title 10A
ISBN: 9780820566153
Please review our complete website for course information, locations and times. 
Please complete our Contact  information with your E-Mail address, phone # and any additional questions concerning the class
We look forward to seeing you in our study class. If you have time try out our online practice test.  Good Luck with your studying!
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